5 Things You Need to Know About HOA Communities in Melbourne, FL and Surrounding areas

Dated: April 12 2021

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Homeowner Associations (HOAs) are common in Melbourne Florida. Throughout Central Florida, many residential communities have a homeowner's association (HOA) structure. This is especially true with condominiums, townhomes, or single-family homes within a planned development. Many homeowners favor HOAs because they help maintain a clear sense of community and a cohesive neighborhood atmosphere. However, although HOAs can provide homeowners with many perks and amenities, they often include responsibilities that the homeowner must be willing to adhere to.

If you're thinking about buying a house in a HOA community here on the Space Coast, here are some things you need to know. 

5 Things You Need to Know About HOA Communities in Melbourne, FL and Surrounding areas

What Is a HOA in Central Florida?

A HOA is headed by a group of elected residents (also known as the HOA Board of Directors) who are tasked with maintaining communal grounds, community utilities, master insurance, and the community's overall finances. Put simply, the elected HOA board acts in representation of the community's best interests and works to protect property values within the community. They do this by enacting and enforcing the covenants and restrictions set forth by the community. 

Typically, buying in a HOA community requires all owners to pay a monthly maintenance charge to cover designated areas detailed in the HOA covenants and deeds. The amount of HOA dues a homeowner is expected to pay usually depends on the community's amenities and services. For example, a community that offers 24-hour security, a community pool, tennis courts, a children's playground, and a resident's gym is more likely to have higher HOA dues than a community that simply offers a guard gate. In some instances, you may also be required to pay special assessments to cover significant community expenses, such as road repairs or plumbing. When looking at HOA communities, it’s a good idea to ask your real estate agent to request a record of previous special assessments that the community may have levied. This can give you a good idea of some of the type of homeowner expenses to expect in the future. 

Is HOA Membership Mandatory in Central Florida?

Typically yes, HOA membership is mandatory in Central Florida. Generally, when purchasing a home, townhouse, or condo that a HOA oversees, your membership in the association is automatic. This is because the property's purchase creates a contract with the HOA stating that you agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the HOA — this includes paying all dues, fees, and special assessments that are applicable. 

Before executing a contract on a home in Brevard County Florida, you should receive a HOA disclosure from the seller, as well as a copy of the HOA covenants and restrictions. It is vital that you fully understand your obligations and duties as a potential new homeowner before signing on the dotted line. 

What Are the Benefits of Living in a HOA Community?

Stabilized Property Values

Many HOA communities in Central Florida offer access to recreational amenities such as swimming pools, sports fields, playgrounds, and golf courses.

Reduced Maintenance 

When living in a HOA, you typically don't have to worry about maintaining the amenities such as the pool or other communal areas. This can leave you with more free time to enjoy your community because you don't have to worry about spending time sourcing home maintenance services. 

Community Engagement

Many HOAs encourage a community environment, which includes hosting social events for residents. These events are a fun way to get to know your neighbors and fosters a sense of community and socialization that you may not get elsewhere. 

HOA Communities in Central Florida

HOA communities are common in Central Florida real estate; however, it's important to carefully read all community covenants and restrictions before deciding whether it's a good decision to buy for you and your loved ones. If you're thinking about purchasing a home in a HOA community, speak to an experienced licensed Melbourne Florida and surrounding area real estate agent today to learn more about your options. 

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