10 Tips To Sell Brevard Home Faster

Dated: January 31 2019

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10 Tips To Sell Brevard Home FasterIt’s no fun just sitting around hoping that your home will soon sell. Thankfully, there are 10 things you can do to help expedite the process and sell your Brevard home faster.

1. Find An Experienced Brevard Real Estate Agent You Trust

One of our experienced Brevard real estate agents can help you sell your house much faster than if you try to go at it alone.  Agents know the best ways to attract potential buyers and push through to make a sale. Listing prices, staging and many other important elements of selling your home are best handled by an agent.

2. Stage Your Home

Very few people can walk into an overly cluttered room, or an empty room, and see its full potential. Instead, people tend to think they are getting exactly what they see. That means if your home is full of your stuff, kids toys pushed into one corner and a clutter of shoes by the door, people are less likely to see the home as their future domain. Instead, it may look too lived in to be all that appealing.

Staging your home transforms it into a model home as opposed to someone else’s home. This gives potential homebuyers a better chance at picturing the place as their very own, which will help your home sell faster and for a higher price.

3. De-clutter Your Home

In order to successfully stage your home you’ll have to de-clutter and put away any personalized items. This includes family photos, religious décor and so forth. Clear off tables, mantles and other areas cluttered with knick-knacks. Allow people to see the full potential of your house, as opposed to becoming transfixed on your decorating style.

4. Keep Cabinets & Closets Neat And Tidy

It might make you cringe, but people are going to look in your drawers, cabinets and closets in order to see if your home has adequate storage space. If all spaces are jam-packed and overflowing with your stuff this could make buyers second-guess the amount of storage space available. Pack away half of your stuff and it will look like you have a lot more storage space.

5. Make Your House Light And Bright

A dark house doesn’t make a good selling point; instead it can feel somewhat depressing and give off the wrong tone. Your home will feel far more inviting to prospective buyers if you turn on all of the lights in the house and open the shades to let in as much natural light as possible. Light and bright environments make people feel happier, and when people feel happy they are more likely to buy. 

6. Make Sure Online Listing Is Compelling

The majority of people house hunt online, as opposed to driving around and looking for ‘for sale’ signs. That means the number of showings you get is largely determined by the way your home looks online.

Trulia.com conducted a study that found home listings with 6 or more pictures are twice as likely to be viewed than homes with fewer than 6 pictures. These pictures need to be good, and focus on the best areas of your home.

Experienced Brevard real estate agents know to include plenty of professional quality photos to your home’s online listing. Do your research and check up on the home listing your agent created. Is up to your standards? Would it attract your attention? Or does it do little to no justice to the best qualities of your home?

7. Make It Easy For Potential Buyers To View Your Home

The only way to sell your home is to show it to as many prospective buyers as possible. If you have limited showing times or you routinely postpone showings, chances are it’s going to take a lot longer to sell.

Make sure your home is clean at all times and is ready to be shown. It might be a bit of a hassle, but it will help your home sell faster. People may want to see your home at moments notice and you want to be prepared without having to rush home and clean the dirty dishes out of the sink. 

8. Fair Listing Price

There are countless online tools that allow prospective buyers to check comparable sale prices in your neighborhood. As a result, buyers are sharper than ever to fair prices and so there’s no point listing your home over value. Your listing price should match comparable sales in the area within the last month or two.

If you want to sell your home quick you may want to consider listing your home 5-10% below comparable sale prices. It’s a risky move, but it often sparks a bidding war that gets you more than the going rate in the neighborhood.

9. Keep Animals Out Of The House

You may love dogs and cats but not everyone does. The sight of animals living in a home could turn off prospective buyers, so it’s best to play it safe and keep them out of sight. 

10. Improve Curb Appeal

First impressions are important, and your front landscaping sets the stage for potential homebuyers. It is very affordable to clean up your front yard and plant a few flowers. Generally, people get back 150% of their investment when it comes to updating curb appeal.

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