Determining the Right Price for Your House: A Guide

Dated: August 1 2022

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Selling a house is a good decision for anyone looking to get instant cash on hand so that they can invest somewhere more viable and profitable. While the decision to sell a house can be easy to make, one thing where most home sellers get stuck is setting the house’s price.

Despite wanting to get a high price for their residential property, home sellers still don’t like to be in an unaffordable range that could hinder their chances of getting multiple offers from real estate buyers. Therefore, working with the right real estate company and taking the right steps are essential during this process. Here are three of them.

Look at Recently Sold Comps

It’s always a good idea to do sufficient homework before pricing your home and listing it on the real estate market. The first thing to do to ensure that you’re setting the right price is to look at the prices of the homes recently sold in your area and their comps. Remember to look at the prices of houses similar to yours to get a better insight into home pricing trends.

If you’re working with a real estate agency, make sure they provide you with a list of average sale prices by taking into account the most important comps that contribute to your house’s price and value. A house’s comps usually include its age, neighborhood, location, number of bathrooms and bedrooms, statement areas, selling points, and most importantly, its square footage.

Search the Latest Real Estate Trends

Pricing research is integral to making educated and informed decisions while setting a price for your house. Thanks to the internet and its resources, it’s become significantly easy to access credible real estate platforms and websites to conduct thorough research and learn about the latest real estate trends.

In fact, today, various online tools and websites allow you to enter your house’s comps and figure out its exact value and worth within seconds according to the latest real estate trends. Remember to work with your agent to make the best use of digital platforms in your home pricing strategy.

Work with a Reliable Real Estate Agent

Lastly, it’s crucial to find a real estate agent who considers your needs when helping you set a price on your property. Therefore, make wise evaluations when trying to find a trustworthy and cooperative agent to help you sell your house.

The right realtor should be able to assess your house’s comps, have substantial knowledge of the latest trends, and have connections to help you find multiple buyers who can pay the asking price or more. 

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