7 Fun Facts About Titusville, FL

Dated: January 31 2019

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7 Fun Facts About Titusville, FLTitusville, Florida offers a small town feel, low cost of living and plenty of things to do. It is located on the Indian River, west of Merritt Island, and serves as the county seat for Brevard County.

In 1867, Mary Hopkins Titus owned “Sand Point,” which is now known as Titusville. Mary’s husband, Henry T. Titus, pursued his intentions of developing a town here. He presented plans, donated land and assigned the town as the county seat. At this point in history, Titusville was well on its way to becoming the place people know and love today.

Titusville Demographics

43,761 people call Titusville home

80% of the population is white, 13% African American, 6% Hispanic, 1% Asian, 1% other, and 2% identifies as 2 or more races.

The median age of all residents, both male and female, is 44 years old.

The estimated median income per household is $47,043.

About 32% of residents are college educated.

The median home value in Titusville is $124,400, which breaks down to $87 per sq ft.

The median monthly rent in Titusville is $1,075

78% of residents are homeowners

Interesting Facts About Titusville

1.     Titusville Earned Its Name Over A Game Of Dominoes

Capt. Clark Rice was in favor of naming the town Riceville but Titus wanted to name the town Titusville. We know who won this game of Dominoes!

2.     Titusville Has The Number One High School In Brevard County

Titusville High School serves around 322 students and is ranked number one against 23 other high schools operating in the Brevard School District.

3.    12% Lower Cost Of Living Than Other Parts Of Florida

The cost of living in Titusville is around 12% less than the rest of Florida. Titusville offers a small town feel, while remaining in close proximity to so many amenities, activities and popular destinations. That means you get to enjoy a reduced cost of living without moving to the middle of nowhere.

4.      A Small Town Vibe Locals Love

Titusville is home to a small town vibe that’ll make you feel at home in no time. There are lots of family owned businesses and restaurants in the area. Some local favorites to grab a bite to eat include: Steve’s Family Diner, Dogs R Us and Dixie Crossroads. If you love your ice cold beer, you’ll have to check out Playalinda Brewing Co, which is located in the up and coming eclectic downtown area where there are a number of other bars nearby.

5.  Titusville Gets An Average of 232 Days Of Sunshine Per Year

Titusville’s year round temperatures range between a mild 51°F and 89°F. You can expect about 53 inches of rain annually.  Titusville’s climate is warm and humid with hot summers. There’s no snow in the winter and over 232 days of sunshine each year.

6.    Titusville Is Home To The Kennedy Space Center

Titusville is home to the Kennedy Space Center, which operated 30 years and 135 shuttle missions for NASA until 2011. Back when rockets still launched here, Titusville had one of the best views of the rockets taking off. In order to bounce back from the Space Center’s closure,

Titusville created an educational and historical space center that is open to the public.  A few of the best attractions within the center are:

-       U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame

-       Heroes & Legends Astronaut Encounter

-       Space Center Tours

-       Fly with an Astronaut

-       Shuttle Launch experience

-       Astronaut Training Simulator

-       Space Shuttle Atlantis

-       Imax Theater

-       Space Mirror Memorial

7.     Home Prices In Titusville Are On The Rise

Over the past year or so reports have shown an increase of about 18% in the median sales price of homes in Titusville. Titusville actively recruits new companies to town and as a result the job market continues to improve, hand-in-hand with local real estate values.

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