8 Commonly Asked Questions About Moving To Melbourne, Florida

Dated: January 31 2019

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8 Commonly Asked Questions About Moving To Melbourne, Florida If you’re considering moving to Melbourne, FL, here are answers to 8 questions commonly asked by potential new residents.

If you love the sun, beach and living an active lifestyle, Melbourne offers all of that and more at an affordable price. Melbourne, a city located within Brevard County, is home to over 76,000 residents. It is the second largest municipality in Brevard, in terms of population size and area size.

#1. Are there a lot of things to do in Melbourne?

Melbourne offers a small beach-town feel but there’s no limit of things to do in the area. Beaches and golf courses are located just minutes away from many properties, plus there’s a bustling downtown area for a fun night out on the town. And there’s no shortage of shopping!

Melbourne is a great place to relocate because it allows you to avoid the tourist trap, while remaining a short driving distance from some of Florida’s most popular attractions.

Plus, there are a number of small towns within the larger community of Melbourne that offer excellent schools and a safe community network for growing families.

#2. What college opportunities are in the area?

Florida has a “Bright Futures” program focused on helping students with high GPAs receive assistance paying for tuition, in same cases students can get their entire tuition to universities in Florida covered.  There are plenty of prepaid tuition programs too.

Learn more about Florida’s Bright Futures program here: http://www.floridastudentfinancialaid.org/ssfad/bf/

There are a number of excellent universities in and around Melbourne, including our very own Florida Institute of Technology. Just two hours away in Gainesville stands the University of Florida--which has one of the top ranked programs in the nation. Located just a little over one-hour away in Orlando is the University of Central Florida, which has a relatively new medical school on campus.

#3. What is the job market in Melbourne like?

Florida offers plenty of opportunity for financial growth, in terms of individual and business growth. There are a lot of good corporations in the area to work for. It’s also a great place to start or relocate your business due to sustainable tax laws. Sales tax is just 6%, and there is no state income tax in Florida. All corporations operating within the state must file and pay corporate income tax, unless exempt.  Compared to equally sunny states—such as California—it is much more affordable to operate a business in the state of Florida.

#4. Is there a large retirement community in Melbourne?

While Melbourne is an excellent place to raise a family, it’s also a great place to retire. Hence why there is such a large retirement community in the area. There are endless golf courses, beautiful weather and oceanfront properties at prices both new families and retirees can afford.

Breaking Down The Biggest Fears About Moving To Melbourne

Sounds like a great place to live… but what about the high heat and humidity, alligators, bugs and hurricanes? No region is without some causes for concern, and in Melbourne these are the concerns we hear about the most. While nothing is perfect, we like to think that Melbourne, FL is about as close as you can get.

#1. Are there a lot of hurricanes in Melbourne?

People are often worried about hurricanes before moving to Melbourne, but locals will tell you there is little to worry about. Just make sure your home is outfitted with the right precautions, such as storm shutters and home insurance that covers storm damages.

Thanks to Melbourne’s location along the coast, the threat of a hurricane often diminishes before the storm makes landfall on Melbourne. We’ve seen some of the most severe storms reduced to a category 2 by the time they reach Melbourne. For instance, in 2004, Hurricane Frances made landfall in Melbourne as a category 2 storm, this was after raging through other regions as a category 4 storm.

#2. How hot is the weather in Melbourne?

Perhaps the number one thing people complain about is the heat and humidity that hits the state of Florida every summer. Luckily, Melbourne’s coastal location provides a lovely breeze that helps keep our community cooler than other parts of Florida. Still, you’ll likely want air conditioning in order to stay cool on the hottest days of the year.

#3. Are there a lot of mosquitos in Melbourne?

Lots of water, high heat and humidity leads people to worry Melbourne might be infested with mosquitos. Thankfully, Florida’s government has an extensive plan in place to keep mosquito populations in check, so don’t let your imagination stress you out.

#4. Will I see gators when I move to Melbourne?

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) estimates there are 1.3 million alligators living in the state. That means you will likely see gators if you move to Florida. Rest assured, the FWC says that from 1948 to 2016 (that’s 68 years), just 23 unprovoked fatal alligator attacks on people were reported. That’s one unprovoked death by alligator every 3 or so years. Your car is a much bigger risk to your life than alligators. In 2014, 2,494 people died in fatal car crashes in Florida. 

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