9 Tips For Better Real Estate Photos That’ll Sell Brevard Listings Faster

Dated: January 31 2019

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9 Tips For Better Real Estate Photos That’ll Sell Brevard Listings Faster The real estate photos you post online represent your Brevard house for sale and influence how quickly someone buys it. Good real estate pictures are truly worth their weight in gold. Blurry, dark or otherwise unappealing pictures are going to have potential buyers clicking the back button and moving onto the next option. As a result, it’s going to be more difficult to get people into your showings and ultimately sell your property. The first step to taking great pictures is to properly stage your home, which automatically makes it easier to sell.

Curri Properties can take care of the hassle for you, providing top-notch real estate photos that help showcase the best qualities of your property. We’ve seen firsthand how real estate photos can help sell homes faster and even for more money in some cases. Here are some of our favorite tricks of the trade.

9 Tips For Better Real Estate Photos

Hire A Professional Photographer

Like we said, we take care of this for you, but if you’re determined to DIY the sale of your home, make sure to hire a professional photographer. Photos taken on your iPhone are not going to have the same impact as a high quality camera properly angled by a trusted professional.

Stage Your Home For Picture Taking Success

You wouldn’t show up for self-portraits with your hair a mess and food on your face, and you shouldn’t let your house do it either. Your home should look its very best for real estate photos, and it shouldn’t look too lived in either. That means clearing out some of your favorite knick-knacks and family photos, otherwise potential buyers will have a harder time envisioning the place as their own. 

Every last detail matters; organize shelves, tidy up desks and countertops, and most importantly remove all clutter. For instance, when photographing the kitchen, make sure there are no cereal boxes on the fridge or random things littering the countertops.

Staging your home also includes repainting scuffed walls, deep cleaning bathroom grout and so forth. You don’t want potential homebuyers looking at mold, dirt or other eyesores in photos or during a home tour. 

Focus On The Best Rooms & Features In Your Home

Every home has its special rooms and features. Perhaps these are the parts of your home you’ve spent the most time and money outfitting and redesigning, or a room with a particularly stunning view. Take the time to showcase these spaces with extra attention to detail. Don’t forget to ask yourself: Which rooms would people of all style preferences be most drawn to? Or, which rooms/focal points do I receive the most compliments from guests?

Keep Your Photos Realistic

Photos need to make your home look good, but not too good to be true. If photos are not an accurate representation of your home people are going to walk in and then walk right out filled with disappointment. Don’t use filters or experimental lenses and make sure to shoot rooms from the corner instead of head on.

Take Pictures Of Unique Architectural Detailing

If your home has nice pillars, crown molding or beautiful bay windows, take photos that highlight these elements. Unique architectural design will increase your home’s appeal and make buyers more likely to pick your home over other similar options on the market.

Take Photos At The Right Time Of Day

If you take all of your photos after the sun goes down, the results are not going to be as nice as you’d hoped for. You want your home to appear bright and full of natural light, which can only be accomplished by photographing your home at the right time of day or evening. If your home has views of beautiful sunsets, don’t skip out on taking images at this time to highlight the views. Keep most windows open in order to give off the vibe that your home gets plenty of natural light.

Invest In Aerial Photography 

Aerial photos highlight the full spectrum of your property from a bird’s eye view. Drone photography is a great way to capture these photos without hiring a pilot.

Add Fresh Flowers For An Extra Special Wow Factor

Head to your local florist and purchase some pretty centerpieces to add throughout your home. You can easily reuse the same flowers throughout your home; no one will know the difference when looking at pictures.

Keep Holiday Décor Out Of Your Pictures

As beautiful as your home looks during the holidays, it’s best to take photos before the decorations go up. Potential buyers want to see what your home looks like on any given day, not during a special time of the year that they may not even celebrate.

Need help selling your Brevard home fast? Contact Curri Properties today! 

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