Advantages To Buying A Waterfront House In Brevard County

Dated: January 31 2019

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Advantages To Buying A Waterfront House In Brevard CountyIf the idea of living on the ocean has always appealed to you, it’s time to listen to your inner desires. There are endless perks to buying a waterfront house in Brevard County, such as making a great investment and providing unbeatable views. Brevard County offers the best value on the east coast of Florida.

Always do your research on a property to make sure it is built to withstand any coastal storms, beach erosion or other potential issues related to coastal living. Turn to one of our experienced real estate agents at Curri Properties to help ensure you get an amazing deal on a great Brevard County waterfront property.

Here Are 6 Big Benefits To Buying A Waterfront Property In Brevard County.

1. Easy Access To Everything You Need

People love coming to the coast even if they live much further inland, hence why there are endless rows of shops, attractions and things to do on the coast of Florida. Purchasing a beachfront property means you won’t have to drive, at least not far, to reach these amenities. Decreased traveling time saves money and makes your life more convenient, plus it keeps your home value on the rise.   

2. The Appeal Of Coastal Living Makes For A Good Investment

When buying any property you should think of it as a long-term investment. How much money will you be able to get out of a home when you decide to sell it? Even if selling your new home is nowhere near the forefront of your mind, it should be. Since coastal living remains highly coveted, the cost of beach properties continues to go up over the years. Suburbs can pop up anywhere, but houses built alongside the coast are in limited supply as there’s only so much room beside the ocean to build. Limited supply drives demand, and therefore continually increases home values.

3. Florida Offers Some Of The Best Deals On Beachfront Living

Florida has a lot of million dollar homes worth sawing your left arm off for, but you don’t necessarily have to be rich or break the bank to enjoy coastal living. Some of the most affordable ocean access homes can be found in Florida, you just need the right real estate agent to find the one best suited to your lifestyle, budget and needs. You never know, walking out of your home and onto the beach every morning could be more in your budget than your realize.

4. Who Needs To Go On Vacation?

When you’ve got access to the beach right at your doorstep you’ll never want to leave town—where are you going to find anything better?  Your home can be the gathering spot for family and friends every summer, allowing you to feel like you are on vacation without actually leaving your home. There are endless coastal activities to partake in, meaning you can always find something new to do even in your own backyard.

5. Increased Health And Wellbeing

Breathing in the ocean air and being surrounded by naturally lush landscapes found on the coast of Brevard County is incredibly beneficial to your health and wellbeing. The more active you are and the more time you spend in the clean outdoor air, the better your body and mind will feel.

6. Store Your Boat For Free

If you have a boat you likely pay a steep fee to dock it on the water somewhere. Or, you deal with loading and unloading it every time you want to use it. Owning riverfront or canal front property gives you the opportunity to invest this money in a boat dock, or buy a property that already has one. Keeping your boat at your own dock at home makes it so much more convenient. Plus, it increases your opportunities to put your favorite water toys to good use. 

The Best Waterfront Properties In Brevard County

One of the best things you can do is to find an agent that specializes in waterfront homes. A qualified agent knows what to look out for in regards to scoring a good deal on a property, but also finding a home that is built to withstand the unique conditions associated with living beside the coast. An agent experienced in waterfront real estate will also be able to help you consider factors such as insurance costs and water depths, ensuring there are no surprises after move in day.

Curri Properties specializes in waterfront properties. Contact us today to start the search for your dream home on Florida’s picturesque coast.

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