Aviation & Aerospace Jobs in Brevard County

Dated: January 31 2019

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Aviation & Aerospace Jobs in Brevard CountyBrevard County is home to 1/3 of all aerospace jobs in Florida. A part of the “Space Coast,” Brevard has long been known as the gateway to space. After all, it was here that Apollo 11 launched from Kennedy Space Center, bringing Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong to the moon.

To this day, Florida remains the leading state for aerospace industries. In proof, nearly every major aerospace company has established roots in Florida. With approximately 85,000 aerospace workers, Florida is very attractive to companies. Space Florida, a sister organization to Enterprise Florida, was developed in aims of expanding the aerospace industry even more.

Florida is the “undisputed air traffic hub of America,” and it’s also home to so many manufactures dealing with aircraft and aircraft components. Hence why many talented aerospace professionals relocate here for work. Some of the largest industry leaders in the area include Northrop Grumman, Pratt & Whitney, Boeing, General Dynamics, and Embraer, just to name a few.

Florida is home to the world-famous National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), with two spaceports, one in Jacksonville and the other at Brevard County’s Cape Canaveral. Private companies and investors in Florida are supplying a good deal of funding to the aerospace industry, as they recognize the next “high-tech utopia” forming right here.

Trending Aviation & Aerospace Jobs in Brevard

Over 1/3 of all aerospace jobs in Florida are in Brevard County. Port Canaveral remains one of the most powerful clusters of activity, along with Exploration Park and Orlando-Melbourne International Airport.

Featured aviation and aerospace employers in Brevard include:

-Orlando-Melbourne International Airport

-Northrop Grumman

-United Launch Alliance


-AAR Corp

-Lockheed Martin

Florida is the leading location for aerospace, ranking number 1 out of all other states for “aerospace manufacturing attractiveness.” There are over 470 companies focused on aircraft parts, assembly, surveillance, intelligence, reconnaissance, missiles, and more. Not to mention, there are unbeatable space launch assets in the state. Additionally, aviation is a big deal in our state with over 100+ public use airports. Florida is the birthplace of commercial aviation, and remains the air transport hub of the Western Hemisphere.

Some of the biggest names in aerospace manufacturing are located here, with B/E Aerospace in Palm Beach County, HEICO in Broward County, and L-3 Crestview Aerospace located in Florida’s Panhandle. And world-famous NASA operates out of Brevard’s Kennedy Space Center.

Other large tech companies in the state include Northup Grumman, United Launch Alliance (ULA), Craig Technologies, Space Florida, and Blue Origin. Speaking of Blue Origin, the company is busy working on completing a new 750,000 square-foot manufacturing facility scheduled to open its doors in December of 2017.

The Boeing Company and Lockheed Martin have formed a partnership focused on manned space travel. They plan to launch a vehicle with crew for the first Operation Test Flight (OFT) later this year, in 2017.

It’s not just long-standing companies developing a strong presence here, a lot of smaller companies are breaking onto the scene as well. This offers ample opportunities for aerospace professionals of all levels, as well as areas of expertise and interest.

According to Anish Patel, the President of Radiant Power Corp, “Florida’s in a very unique position with a longstanding history, NASA, the various military bases, as well as some of the commercial aerospace industry that’s been here. We’ve got a strong foundation for technology, great universities, and good high schools that are feeding those universities.”

Florida’s space industry continues to boom, leading the way for future innovation. “We’re not only the busiest space port, but we’re now building and landing rockets, next-generation spacecraft, in state-of-the-art facilities,” said President and CEO of Space Florida, Frank Dibello.

Local Colleges Focus on Aerospace

It’s not just great news for people that already work in these industries. Local college students are also reaping the benefits. The Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach and the Florida Institute of Technology are churning out some of the world’s most highly coveted engineers, as well as next-generation rocket scientists. Meanwhile, the University of Central Florida is placing heavy focus on simulation and nanotechnology sciences, which are under higher demand than ever before.

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