Back to School in Brevard

Dated: January 31 2019

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Back to School in BrevardBrevard County Schools is a large system boasting 147 highly ranked schools which support more than 73,000 students and 5,000 teachers. Each school in Brevard prides itself on educational innovation, community engagement, and life changing growth and opportunity. Every year teachers, administrators, support staff, and parents work to support students, enhancing educational opportunities for everyone living in the region.

Brevard County Public School Rankings

In the 2018 Florida Department of Education rankings, Brevard County Public Schools were among the 15 largest districts state wide and ranked second in performance for college and career acceleration. With an 86 percent graduation rate, Brevard was second only to Seminole County, and only a single point separated Brevard Public Schools from the top spot.

With the latest scores coming in, it is no wonder that Brevard County Public Schools continue help attract residents to the region, particularly families seeking high quality educational opportunities for their children. And now that the superior quality of Brevard Public Schools has been addresses, let’s explore how parents can help their children get ready for back to school in Brevard.

Preparing for Back to School

As parents around the country prepare for back to school, the parents of Brevard are no different. Ever parent wants to get their children started on the path to success each and every school year. Keep in mind, parents, your children will follow your lead which means calm, encouraging, optimistic parents produce confident, organized children. Parents must be prepared from the beginning, obtaining supply lists, understanding dress codes, and so on, so children will be well-prepared with the appropriate clothing, backpacks, notebooks, pencils, lunch boxes, binders, and more on the first day of school. Knowing they are prepared children will feel less anxiety and more self-confidence as they face the first day of school.

If it is your child’s first day or he or she is attending a new school, visit the school, in advance, with your child so he or she can meet some of the staff, as well as get acclimated to the new surroundings. A visit means your child is familiar with his or her classroom(s), where hallways lead, bathroom locations, and important offices like the principal, school nurse, and more. During your visit, talk to your child about safety rules in and around school, as well as explaining who they can turn to should problems arise.

Another great way to help your child in a new school is finding neighbors, friends, or relatives who already attend. Knowing at least one person at the new school can make all the difference in helping your child to make the transition more easily.

As a parent, do your own due diligence, making arrangements in advance to meet teachers, nurses, guidance counselors, and even the principal. Offer your support, show your interest, and express your concerns ahead of time. Doing so means you’ve opened important lines of communication that should last all year long.

At home, get back into a normal bedtime routine with the kids at lease a week before school starts, ensuring they get adequate sleep for the day ahead. Have an open dialogue with your children regarding any fears or concerns they have about the coming school year. Don’t dismiss what they say but listen and then talk about ways to handle the concerns together. Letting your child know you understand and support them will help in making the school year successful.

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