Best Spots To Live In Brevard County

Dated: 01/31/2019

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Best-Spots-To-Live-In-Brevard-CountyDepending on your personal preferences and lifestyle there are different parts of Brevard County that may appeal more to you. As a local of Brevard County I can say with utmost certainty this is a great part of Florida to call home, regardless if you are single, have a growing family or are retired.

Brevard County is approximately 72 miles in length on the coast of Florida that spans from Scottsmoor all the way down to Sebastian Inlet. You can’t go wrong, no matter what part of the county you move to. Everything in Brevard County is close to the water, and offers easy access to some of the largest theme parks and most popular destinations in all of Florida.

From retirees to families just starting out, Brevard County has a world of opportunities to offer. If you’re looking to enjoy more of life or get ahead in your career, you’ve found the right place—now you’ve just got to narrow down the exact location you want to plant your roots.

Palm Bay, Viera, Merritt Island and the beaches (Melbourne, Satellite and Indialantic Beach) are some coastal communities in Brevard known collectively as the “Space Coast.” These are some of the more popular places to live, although far from your only options in Brevard.


Melbourne is considered a crown jewel of Brevard, and for many reasons. There are plenty of outdoor activities, economic opportunities, educational experiences, as well as exciting weather and gorgeous scenery to take in everywhere you look.

Educational opportunities are abundant thanks to nearby Florida Institute of Technology, with over 3,000 students and a top-notch staff made up of researchers and scientists. There are also tons of things to do, including visiting the barrier islands, or making the short trip over to Walt Disney World.

If you enjoy golfing there are so many courses to check out in Melbourne, in fact some of the best courses can be found right here. Thanks to the many educational programs and fun attractions, the area always has a steady flow of tourists that provide many economic benefits. 

Living here means enjoying a beautiful ocean breeze every afternoon and the opportunity to watch the breathtaking lightening display that often erupts in the evening.

Palm Bay

There’s a reason Palm Bay is considered the most populous city in the entire country, that’s because this picturesque town has a lot to offer. There are two major highways that run right through Palm Bay, making it less than one-hour away from the many amusement parks and other attractions found in Orlando. The city is home to endless sports opportunities as well, including soccer, golf, basketball, baseball, and football. 

Palm Bay is actively working towards building a clean green city, and has recently passed a number of initiatives to increase the wellbeing of the planet. Around 75% of Palm Bay’s residences are actively involved in the local recycling program.

Titusville & Merritt Island

There are over 40,000 people living in the beach-city of Titusville. Despite how many people call this peaceful place home, there is little traffic and the area remains clean and well taken care of. This community largely revolves around education and the schools in the area remain a big focus. Historic old town has some awesome architectural elements worth checking out, and there is also the untouched wildlife refuge in the area.

Titusville is a part of the Palm Bay area which includes Merritt Island, a beautiful and historically rich area that was once an island but is now a peninsula.

Moving here gives you that warm and fuzzy small town feel without having to move to middle of nowhere America. Instead of endless chain restaurants you can enjoy ma and pop restaurants that are truly unique, as well as delicious. During the holidays the town comes to life with holiday parades. According to locals, Titusville has the best view of rocket launches.

Cocoa Beach

35% of Brevard County is water, and so undoubtedly water sports are a big thing around here. No matter where you move in the area you will enjoy convenient access to water sports. Cocoa Beach is especially alluring to surfers considering a number of famous names grew up surfing the waves here, including Kelly Slater and Damien Hobgood. 

Where Is Your Special Space In Brevard County?

No matter what part of Brevard County you choose, you can’t go wrong. The county ranks above and beyond in so many areas. For one, student SAT scores are at the top percentile compared to other schools in Florida.  Out of the 10 other ‘largest districts’ in Florida, Brevard County ranks number one for top rated schools.

If you’re looking for your dream home in Brevard County, contact Curri Properties—we guarantee you’ll thank yourself later!

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