Brevard’s Most Haunted Places

Dated: January 31 2019

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Brevard County has a long and storied history, one that includes more than its fair share of hauntings. If you are a fan of ghosts and haunted places, there are several sites of interest where paranormal activities are reported often in Brevard County. Please keep in mind if you decide to visit these locations, please request permission from property owners before going onsite, taking pictures, or filming locations.

Ashley’s Restaurant

At the top of the list is Ashley’s Restaurant in Rockledge. Back in the 1930s, Ashley’s was known as Jack’s Tavern. As legend has it, Ethel Allen, a 19 year old local girl and a regular at Jack’s was brutally murdered in 1934 along the Indian River. The last place she was seen prior to the murder was at Jack’s. Since then, if the reports are true, Ethel’s murder is at the root of the paranormal activities experienced at Ashley’s. Much of the activity occurs in the ladies’ room where reports of apparitions of a young woman in the mirror are reported along with sightings of a young woman’s feet in 1930s footwear in adjacent empty stalls. Outside the ladies’ room, patrons report lights flicker on and off, glasses and dishes break, mysterious whispers, objects being moved, and even the feeling of being pushed on the stairs. Ashley’s has been the sight of numerous encounters and subsequent investigations including a feature on Creepy Legends.

Cocoa Village Playhouse

Opened in 1924 at the Aladdin Theatre, converted to the State Theatre movie house in the 1940s, today the Cocoa Village Playhouse is one of the largest historic theatres in Florida. From actors to employees, the playhouse is said to be haunted by Joe, a former handyman who continually opens and closes doors. Mysterious footsteps have been reported at unusual hours and in places no one should be. Apparently, this specter harmless, and while actors report feeling a presence, none have sensed Joe’s spirit to evil. 

Bloody 520

State Road 520 in Cocoa Beach is a state road 22 miles long which connects with Interstate 95, The road is nicknamed Bloody 520 for the number of fatalities that have occurred along the desolate stretch. The road is often foggy, and drivers continually report sighting ghostly apparitions including cars that aren’t really there, possibly the hauntings of those fatally lost along the highway.

Georgianna Graveyard

On Merritt Island, Georgianna Graveyard sits on historic land and is one of the oldest cemeteries in Brevard. It dates to the 18th century and offers a spooky backdrop with crumbling grave stones and low hanging Spanish moss. Paranormal reports abound in and around the cemetery including voices when no one else is present, apparitions, the feeling of being touched or pushed, and glowing orbs of lights moving among the graves. Many have recorded EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) and taking videos and film of alleged ‘ghosts’ and ‘spirits’ haunting the graveyard.

Apollo I Launch Complex 34

The Apollo I launch site, officially known as Launch Complex 34, at Kennedy Space Center was the site of NASA’s first successful rocket launch in 1961. Years later, in 1967 the site was the site of a launch test for the Apollo I mission, the first manned lunar flight for the United States. Instead, the test turned tragic when Astronauts Virgil I. Grissom, Edward H. White III and Roger B. Chaffee were lost in a flash fire in the spacecraft’s cabin. Investigations followed, and the Apollo modules were redesigned completely before success flights to the moon. The area, LC-34, remains open to the public in tribute to those who lost their lives that fateful day and have become a favorite among paranormal seekers. Visitor to the sight report hearing loud screams from the launch pad and others report being overwhelmed with dread, sadness, or fear. 

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