End of Summer Fun in Brevard

Dated: 01/31/2019

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End of Summer Fun in BrevardIt’s hard to believe that summer is nearly at its end and soon school will be back in session. But don’t fret, there is still time to relish some great end of summer activities here in Brevard. Check out this incredible list of ideas that your entire family can embrace and enjoy and won’t cost you a ton of cash!

Have a Family/Friends Field Day

You remember those field days from your elementary and middle school days. You can plan one for your family and friends with all the fun of those memorable days. Gather the needed equipment for all your family’s favorite sports, secure a field at one of the area’s beautiful parks or use your own backyard, and go outside for a little fun and friendly competition.

Enjoy a Movie Marathon

On some of the hottest days of summer, nothing is better than staying inside with the air conditioning keeping you cool! While inside, list everyone’s favorite movies and enjoy a movie marathon – all day long. Let everyone choose the perfect snack and beverage for their movie choice and work together to create and prep the menu for a day of movie fun.

Gather the Neighbors

Gather together the neighbors and plan a community picnic or block party. Everyone can bring their favorite dish; you can even have a competition for best summer snack, most delicious summer burger, or sweetest desert. Plan for classic games – like potato sac races or bean bag toss or horseshoes – for lots of end of summer fun. Add music and blend with a few bouncy houses for the little ones and you’ve got yourself a party. You’ll get to know your neighbors and find you have lots in common and who knows you might start a neighborhood tradition that lasts for years to come?

Experience the Excitement

If you don’t already have passes to one of the area’s great water parks or amusement parks, consider purchasing a family package. You’ll get to enjoy the final days of summer experiencing all the laughter and squeals of the giant water slide, the superfast rollercoaster, and more as you bond with your family over traditional park treats like lemonade and funnel cake!

Hold a Ban the Electronics Day

Experience a day without electronics – no cell phones, television, video games, tablets, or computers. Everyone in the family participates, including mom and dad. Take the time to explore your neighborhood, local park, area wildlife preserves, or take a walk along the beach. Whatever you do, you’ll find everyone enjoys the time talking with one another, and discovering all the great activities the region has to offer.

Go Camping

Camping is great fun for the whole family. Check out local camp grounds or enjoy a campout in your own backyard. Grab your tent, sleeping bags and head out for a night under the stars (or maybe a weekend). Try your hand at canoeing, kayaking, or paddle boarding if the opportunity is available and don’t forget to build a campfire and enjoy delicious hot s’mores. You might just find everyone loves the time together, ‘roughing it’ in the wilderness.

Reimagine the Backyard

Your backyard can be transformed into a mini-mud run obstacle course, an outdoor bowling alley, a mini-golf course, or a giant twister board with a little effort and imagination.

Staying close to home for end of summer fun is anything but boring! Just use your imagination and enjoy the final fun days of summer together as a family.

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