Family Fun in Brevard County

Dated: 01/31/2019

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Family Fun in Brevard CountyBrevard County is full of amazing activities for the family to enjoy together. Whether you are visiting the area on a family vacation or you are part of the Brevard community just looking for a fun family friendly activity, Brevard has something for everyone. From the youngest to the oldest family member, family fun awaits the entire family in Brevard County.

Let’s get started exploring some of the fabulous family fun awaiting you!

The Brevard Zoo

Who doesn’t love a trip to the zoo? Kids of all ages will enjoy Brevard’s World Class Zoo. Little ones will adore the petting zone, the toddler’s water park and paws on the water play. Family members of all ages will thrill to the animal encounters and feedings, the train rides, and paddle boating, while the adventure seekers won’t want to miss the kayaking tours and ziplining through the treetops on the Treetop Trek Aerial Adventures. Among the animal encounters are feeding the gentle giraffes by hand; having the Lorikeets and Cockatiels perch on your hand to enjoy a treat; a train adventure amid the camels, oryx, and ostriches; a kayak float down the river among the rhinos, lemurs, giraffes, and more; paddle boating with the family in the wetlands to see birds, turtles, other wetland creatures; visit the rhinos in their habitat, rendezvous with precocious lemurs on their lush island home; experience the rainforest creatures in the jungle encounter; scale a towering Florida pine and rappel to the ground; and trek the Treetop Arial Obstacle Course.

The Kennedy Space Center

Explore the world of space travel amid the massive rockets of the Kennedy Space Center. Truly something for everyone in the family, young and old alike can experience a space shuttle launch, touch a moon rock, and meet real live astronauts. Children of all ages will enjoy the hands-on activities as they explore the history of humans in space. Visit the hall of heroes and legends, explore historic launch sites and working spaceflight facilities, learn about the space race, and what’s next for NASA. And if you plan your visit well, you may even see a launch – Wow!

The Enchanted Forest

For the nature lovers in your family, the Enchanted Forest, just south of Titusville is hard to beat. The 470-acre forest is home to five unique habitats – oak scrub, wet prairie, mesic hammock, pine flatwood, and hydric hammock. Everyone will enjoy nature hikes, the water garden, as well as the ongoing demonstrations, crafts, and activities featured regularly. Wildlife sightings and photography are fun for the entire family. Keep your eyes wide as you look for distinctive flora as well as white-tailed deer, bobcats, Florida scrub lizards, gopher tortoises, and Eastern indigo snakes.

Andretti Thrill Park

Located in Melbourne, the Andretti Thrill Park offers fun for all with a vast array of video games, go cart driving for nearly every age and skill level, laser tag, rock climbing, a ropes course, wave racing, thrilling rides, a classic arcade, mini golf, mini bowling, and batting cages. For the littlest thrill seekers, there is rookie row and a great train ride to enjoy while the bigger thrill seekers fulfill their need for speed on the ultimate Andretti Challenge.

This short list is just a sampling of the family fun to be had in Brevard County, with a bit of research and exploration, you’ll find more to do. Remember, there is family fun for everyone in Brevard, the youngest to the oldest, and everyone in between as well as activities that are spur of the moment and others that require some planning to achieve. Family fun is endless in Brevard!

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