How Fast Will My Home Sell In Brevard County? Important Things Sellers Need To Know

Dated: July 23 2021

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How Fast will My Home Sell?

When listing a home, one of the most common things most people want to know is, "How fast will my home sell?" This is an important question, as selling a home often involves the timing of multiple tasks. For sellers who are also buying a home, it's even more important to try and gauge how long it might take to get to the closing table. 

Although there is no exact way to predict how long it might take to sell your home, you can utilize real estate sales data and the knowledge of an experienced real estate agent to make an educated guess. In this blog post, we're taking a look at how long homes in Brevard County typically spend on the market. 

What Is The Average Time A House Spends On The Market In Brevard County?

On average, homes in Brevard County spend around 48 days on the market — which has fallen from an average of 70 days on the market in June 2020. Although homes spend around 48 days on the market, it's important to remember that this typically includes an average financing period of 30 days to close the deal. This can be shorter or longer, depending on how the buyer is financing the purchase and how far along the buyers are in the financing process. Naturally, a cash buyer can typically close much faster than a buyer applying for a mortgage. An experienced real estate agent can help you verify potential buyer's financing and help determine how qualified they are. 

Of course, these averages differ depending on the city and even the neighborhood where a home is located. For a clearer idea of how long your home in Brevard County might spend on the market, keep reading for a breakdown by general area.

What Is The Average Time A House Spends On The Market In Melbourne?

Melbourne is a strong seller's market right now, which means that there are more buyers looking for homes than there are homes for sale. A seller's market often means that homes spend less time on the market. In May 2021, homes in Melbourne spent a median time of 43 days on the market. This means that most homes went under contract within the first two weeks of listing! If you're planning to sell your house in Melbourne, it's a good idea to be ready to move quickly.

What Is The Average Time A House Spends On The Market In Satellite Beach?

In Satellite Beach, homes spent a median time of 46 days on the market during May 2021. With the average sale-to-list-price ratio coming in at 98.59%, sellers are also getting very close to their asking price, which is a positive sign if you're planning to list your home. 

What Is The Average Time A House Spends On The Market In Cocoa Beach?

Homes for sale in Cocoa Beach spent a median time of 56 days on the market in June 2021. Although this is slightly higher than Brevard County as a whole, home sales in Cocoa Beach achieved a sale-to-list price ratio of 99.05%! This is impressive, considering the median list price is $308 per sqft. 

What Is The Average Time A House Spends On The Market In Palm Bay?

Houses for sale in Palm Bay spent a median time of 49 days on the market in June 2021. In addition, the median list price in Palm Bay has increased by 16.2%, to $251.5K over the past year alone! This is a great time to sell your Palm Bay home and cash in on any equity you've built up. 

What Is The Average Time A House Spends On The Market In Cape Canaveral?

Cape Canaveral is currently experiencing a seller's real estate market, with the sale-to-list price ratio hitting 99.13% in May 2021! Sellers in Cape Canaveral can expect their homes to spend an average of around 44 days on the market, which is one of the shortest times in Brevard County!

If you're thinking about selling your home in Brevard County, fill out this quick form today and receive your free instant market report. 

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