Luxury Waterfront Properties: Pros & Cons To Owning A Lakefront Vs. Oceanfront Home

Dated: January 31 2019

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Luxury Waterfront Properties: Pros & Cons To Owning A Lakefront Vs. Oceanfront HomeBrevard County offers an abundance of luxury waterfront properties, including both lakefront and oceanfront homes. If you’re on the fence about which body of water you’d rather live on, this list of pros and cons should help.

Living on any body of water is full of both pros and cons, many of which overlap one another. For one, all waterfront properties tend to hold their value better because there are a limited number of them and people enjoy living on the water.

Pros To Lakefront Properties In Florida

Reduced Maintenance Compared To Oceanfront Homes

Living on the ocean means contending with the additional maintenance that derives from the extra salty air. This is especially true concerning outdoor mechanical equipment, including your water toys. If you are using your boat in the ocean it is going to erode faster than if you are using it on a lake because of the added salinity in ocean water.

Reduced Costs

Oceanfront homes tend to be pricier than lakefront homes. It’s also usually cheaper to insure a lakefront home than an oceanfront home.

Less Risk In Hurricanes

Hurricanes can impact people living near and far from the coast, but generally, the closer to the coast you are the greater the impact of the storm. Those living directly on the ocean remain at the greatest risk of all.

Less Traffic & More Privacy

For the most part, people tend to visit beaches more often than lakes. For that reason, beachfront property owners have to contend with a lot of traffic getting to and from their home. If you consider yourself a private person you’ll enjoy the added privacy lakefront living affords.

Year-Round Water Activities

Living on a lake in Florida gives you year-round access to water sports. You might even have your own boat dock, making it super easy to get out on the water anytime you want.

Cons To Lakefront Properties In Florida

Not All Lakes Are Swimmable

Depending on which lake in Florida you live on, it may not be entirely swimmable or navigable by boat. Some waters are too shallow, filled with sharp rocks or even alligators, making the water less inviting.

More Pests & Creepy Creatures To Deal With

Bodies of water attract a number of pesky insects, like mosquitoes, alligators, and snakes. You are more likely to see an alligator in or near the lake than the ocean because these creatures are drawn to fresh bodies of water, not saltwater.

That Lake Smell

Some people don’t like the smell of lakes, while others don’t mind it. This is something you have to decide for yourself by spending some time near the lake you plan to move to.

Pros To Oceanfront Living In Florida

Unmatched Beauty

There’s nothing like living on the ocean, being lulled to sleep by the sounds of the waves crashing just outside your bedroom window. Homes located on the ocean are highly coveted and appreciated for their luxurious charm. Plus, Florida offers some of the most affordable luxury beachfront homes in the nation. And just wait until you see the sunsets that’ll provide a feast for your eyes every night.

High Return On Investment

Pick your oceanfront property wisely and you’re likely to see a big return on investment. As the number of available oceanfront properties continues to decline, the value of oceanfront homes is continually on the rise.

Easy Access To Fun Water Sports

From snorkeling to jet skiing to boating, living on the ocean gives you ample access to ocean sports.

Go For Walks On The Beach

Sandy beach shores right outside your doorstep offer the perfect place to go for a run or walk at the beginning, middle or end of your day.

Improved Air Quality

The closer you are to the ocean the better the air quality. There’s nothing quite like that fresh salty scent of the beach.

Cons To Oceanfront Living In Florida   

Greater Risks In A Storm Or Hurricane

Florida hurricanes are no joke and can cause extensive damage to oceanfront homes. Storms and hurricanes are the strongest along the coastline. In order to combat the risks, you’ll need to outfit your home with the right features, such as automatic storm shutters and a generator.

More Maintenance

Oceanfront homes are exposed to a lot of moisture and salinity, which equates to more maintenance. The humid and salty moisture causes greater wear and tear on the exterior of your home, as well as the interior furnishings and appliances.

Lack Of Privacy & More Noise

Unless your beachfront home is located on a private beach, you are going to have to contend with people enjoying the beach your house sits on. If you do not legally own the shoreline, just about anyone can access it and do as they please.  People sunning on the beach or out surfing the waves can lead to added noise and less privacy, perhaps compelling you to shut your windows and shut out your beautiful view.

More Expensive

Oceanfront properties are some of the most expensive in the world because there is such a limited supply of them. Since there are additional risks to living near the ocean, home insurance rates are generally more expensive as well.

Our highly experienced real estate agents are happy to help you decide on a lakefront or oceanfront home. Contact us today to start your search. Call 321-800-4656

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