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Dated: September 5 2019

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5 Important Questions To Ask Before Renting A Home In Brevard County

Before you say yes to just any Brevard County home for rent you need to ask these 5 important questions.

Curri Properties is happy to help you answer all of these questions and more when you enlist the help of one of our experienced agents.

What Are All Associated Expenses?1. What Are All Associated Expenses? 

Before you even look at a home for rent in Brevard County you likely already know how much the monthly rent is. Yet, that’s not the only expense you have to factor into your budget before signing on any dotted line.

-Are utilities included in the rent? This is an important question to ask, as monthly gas, electric, water, trash, and sewage bills can really start to add up. All rentals are different in regards to what they include in the rent. If utilities are not included we will talk to the current tenant or landlord to uncover the average cost of utilities in the area.

-What is the security deposit? Security deposits range wildly so it’s super important to ask how much you’ll need to give the landlord upfront.

-Does the landlord require rental insurance? Rental insurance is highly recommended and relatively affordable to purchase, but not all rental properties require you to make the investment.

-What will your security deposit cover? When you move out you may or may not get your security deposit back. That depends on whether or not you are responsible to pay for new carpets, paint, and professional cleaning at the time you move out. Find out what you are responsible for so that there are no surprises at the end of your lease.

-Do you have pets? If yes, find out what the pet deposit is and if there is a monthly fee on top of that.

painting house couple2. Who Takes Care Of Maintenance?

When renting a home it’s important to find out exactly what you are responsible for in regards to maintenance, as well as your point of contact if you need something fixed, encounter a flood, etc.

-Are you responsible to mow the lawn and take care of gardening, weeding, etc.? Ask if it’s your responsibility to take care of property management or if a service is hired to take care of it for you.

-Who is your point of contact for maintenance and how fast do they respond? If something breaks in your home you deserve to have it fixed as soon as possible. If you’re renting you won’t call a repairman to do it, instead you will call the landlord or their maintenance team. Find out how long it takes for them to respond on average. If there doesn’t seem to be a clear answer you may want to rethink renting a property. You have rights in regards to having things are taken care of right away, such as a broken heater or air conditioner in extreme weather. In some instances, if these sorts of issues are not taken care of right away you actually have the right to terminate your lease agreement early.

Family florida home rental3. How Much Privacy Do You Get?

Find out if you are going to get the privacy you deserve from the owner or landlord of the property.

-When do they have the right of entry? Do they give you X amount of hours warning before coming by? If a tenant currently occupies the home you could ask them about their personal experiences.

If the home is being shown while they are still living there, know that this will be you someday in the future when you give your notice to move out. Every landlord has their own policies in privacy. The state also has its own requirements.

4. What Amenities Are Included?

Find out what sorts of amenities are included in your rent.

-Are all appliances included? Or, do you need to bring your own washer, dryer, refrigerator, etc.?

-Is there a full washer dryer available on the property?

-Do you have a garage or some sort of designated parking space(s) for vehicles?

-Where is the nearest store, bus station, train, etc.?

-Does the property include community amenities such as a pool or tennis courts? If yes, you will generally pay more in rent. Therefore, if you will never use community amenities you may want to consider saving money and renting elsewhere.

florida-pet rentail5. Can You Make The Rental House Your Home?

Once you move in and have the keys in hand, how much will you be able to transform your new rental property into a home?

-Are you permitted to hang things on the wall, not just pictures and artwork, but what about televisions or lighting fixtures?

-Are you allowed to paint the walls? Many landlords permit this as long as you paint the walls back to the original color before moving out.

-How safe is the rental, not just during the day but also at night? Drive by the rental at different times of the day and night to make sure you will feel safe there at all times.

Curri Properties would love to help you find the rental home, townhouse or condo of your dreams! Give us a call today for exclusive listings and more.

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