The Biggest & Smallest Cities In Brevard County

Dated: 01/31/2019

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The Biggest & Smallest Cities In Brevard CountyPalm Bay, Melbourne and Titusville are the biggest cities in Brevard County in regards to both size and population. Some of the smallest cities in Brevard County include Indian Harbour Beach and Satellite Beach, as well as the rural regions of Mims and Malabar. 

Brevard County has a variety of bustling cities as well as more rural towns too, plus everything in between. Depending on what you are looking for, there’s a perfect community for you somewhere in Brevard.

Even Brevard’s largest cities are not too big or overpopulated. While more rural cities are still located within close proximity to shopping and recreational activities. This gives you the opportunity to live on more land with a lot of privacy without giving up modern conveniences.

As of 2010, Brevard’s population was 543,376. Palm Bay is the most populous city in Brevard, with over 100,000 residents, or ⅕ of Brevard’s total population. Palm Bay is also the largest Brevard city in regards to size so it doesn’t feel overly crowded by any means. If you prefer a much smaller community feel, there are more rural cities and towns with well under 10,000 residents.

The Biggest Cities In Brevard County By Area

These are the largest cities in Brevard in regards to land size.

#1. Palm Bay

Palm Bay is the largest city in Brevard in regards to available land; it is 68.84 mi2.

#2. Melbourne

Melbourne is the second-largest city in Brevard in regards to physical size; it is 35.482.

#3. Titusville

Titusville comes in third place and is just a wee-bit smaller than Melbourne, at 34.25mi2.

The Smallest Cities In Brevard County By Area

These are the smallest cities in Brevard County according to total land size.

#1. Palm Shores

At just 321 acres, Palm Shores is the smallest designated city in the Brevard area.

#2. Indialantic

Indialantic is the second smallest city in Brevard with 1,313 mi2.

#3. Melbourne Beach, Florida

Melbourne Beach is also the second smallest city in Brevard with the same amount of land space as Indialantic, 1,313 mi2.

#4. Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral has nearly double the land space of Melbourne Beach and Indialantic with 2,317 mi2.

Mid-Sized Cities In Brevard By Area

If you’re looking for a city that is somewhere between rural and large, mid-sized cities in Brevard include:

Cocoa measures 15.41 mi2

Cocoa Beach measures 14.98 mi2

And Rockledge is 13.44 mi2

Indian Harbour Beach—2,587 mi2

Satellite Beach—4,286 mi2

West Melbourne—10,23 mi2

The Biggest Cities In Brevard By Population

The following cities in Brevard have the largest numbers of residents.

#1. Palm Bay

Palm Bay is the most populous city in Brevard. As of 2010, it had a population of 103,190 people. Palm Bay’s population has grown considerably over the last 10 years. In 2000, there were 79,403 Palm Bay residents, and in 1990 there were 62,664 residents.

#2. Melbourne

Melbourne is the second-largest city in Brevard by size and population with 76,068 residents.

#3. Titusville

Titusville is the third most populous city in Brevard County. It has a significantly lower population than Palm Bay and Melbourne with 40,833 residents.

Smallest Brevard Cities By Population

The following cities in Brevard County have the least number of residents. As you can see, Brevard’s smallest cities align with the least populous cities.

#1. Indian Harbour Beach

Indian Harbour Beach is the smallest city in Brevard in regards to a population with 8,225 residents.

#2. Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral is the second smallest city by population with 9,912 residents.

#3. Satellite Beach

Satellite Beach is home to 10,109 residents.

If you are looking for a real small-town feel, you might be more interested in one of Brevard’s smaller towns, such as:

Melbourne Village: 662 residents

Palm Shores: 900 residents

Rural Towns In Brevard

Malabar (2,934 residents) and Grant-Valkaria (3,850 residents) are both rural areas on the outskirts of the county that typically offer 5+ acre lots.

The area between Cocoa and Titusville is also rural with more opportunities to purchase private land.

Mims is a rural town that offers close proximity to stores like Walgreens, as well as the AFS via the US1 or I-95; they run parallel a few miles apart.

Mid-Sized Cities In Brevard By Population

Rockledge: 24,926 residents

West Melbourne: 18,355 residents

Cocoa: 17,140 residents

Indian Harbour Beach: 8,225 residents

Indialantic: 2,720 residents

Find The Perfect Sized City For You In Brevard County

Brevard County has so much to offer, it’s hard to determine where your ideal home sits without extensive knowledge on all corners of Brevard. All of our locally based real estate agents offer the information necessary to guide your home-buying experience in the right direction. With just a few questions we can help narrow down your Brevard County home search, showing you the best homes that fit in line with your wants, needs, and budget. 

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