What Universities Are In Brevard, Florida?

Dated: January 31 2019

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What Universities Are In Brevard, Florida? Brevard County is home to some of Florida’s largest and best community colleges and universities. Some of our most notable universities include Florida Tech, Florida State University, University of Central Florida, Keiser University, Everest University, and Eastern Florida State Community College.

Community Colleges In Brevard

There is one community college in Brevard County, Eastern Florida State Community College—EFS for shot. Your options are not limited though; there are a number of nearby community colleges in other parts of South Florida.  

Eastern Florida State Community College highlights:

-EFS has four campuses and offers online classes for added convenience.

-It has the highest graduation rates compared to Central Florida’s state and community colleges.

-In terms of how many associate’s degrees colleges award, EFS is ranked #19 out of 1,200 other community colleges across the nation.

-There are four-year degree programs for Business Management and Health Care Management.

-They offer around 100 unique degree and certificate programs.

-EFS maintains its ongoing partnership with Florida Tech and University of Central Florida to help guarantee student admission.

-EFS students have direct access to the Law Enforcement Academy & Aerospace program at the Kennedy Space Center.

Eastern Florida State campuses are located in Cocoa, Palm Bay, Melbourne, and Titusville.  The Cocoa campus is one of the largest and oldest. The Titusville campus is all about the students, and in proof offers smaller sized classes. The Palm Bay campus sits on Lake Titan and is considered the most culturally diverse campus. The Melbourne campus is most comparable to Cocoa; it is built on 120-acres of educational empowerment.

8 Four-Year Universities In Brevard County

#1. Florida Institute of Technology or Florida Tech (Melbourne)

-Large 4-year public university with focuses on Technology, Science, Mathematics, and Engineering.

-61% acceptance rate

- Home to approximately 5,600 graduate students and 8,900 undergrad students.

#2. Florida State University (Melbourne)

Florida State University is based out of Tallahassee, Florida. It has a super convenient satellite campus in Melbourne.

-Florida State University is one of the top ranked public universities in the US.

-It is the top Research University in Florida

-They offer over 300 different degree programs

-Acceptance rate is around 56%

3. Everest University (Melbourne)

Formerly known as Florida Metropolitan University, this 4-year private university has 8 Florida campuses including one in Melbourne.

-There are online, day, night, and weekend classes.

-This school is home to a special Master's Program for Business Administration.

-They offer a variety of diploma programs including paralegal, pharmacy tech, computer science, and more.

#4. Keiser University (Melbourne)

Keiser is a four-year private university based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They have a campus in Melbourne.

-4-year private university with associates, bachelors and masters degree programs

-Keiser University was founded in 1977 with the objective of being a career college for the growing business and healthcare sectors.

-The acceptance rate is around 48%.

-They offer professional certificates in a variety of fields such as business, accounting, criminal justice and more.

#5. Webster University (Merritt Island & Melbourne)

Webster University is a 4-year private university. The main campus is in Webster Groves, Missouri but they have additional campuses on Merritt Island and in Melbourne.

-They offer over 100 majors and minors to choose from including liberal arts, fine arts, business, management, or teacher education.

-Global reach with over 17,000 students

-Acceptance rate is approximately 72%.

#6. University of Central FL (Palm Bay & Cocoa)

The main campus of this 4-year public research university is located in Orlando, but there are additional campuses in Palm Bay and Cocoa. In total there are 10 regional campuses, all of which offer the same quality education with the added benefits of smaller class sizes.

-It is the largest university in the US in terms of undergraduate enrollment.

-It is the second largest university in the US in terms of total enrollment.

-They offer over 200 different degree programs.

-Acceptance rate is around 49%

#7. Barry University (Melbourne & Cape Canaveral)

This 4-year private Catholic university has its main campus in Miami Shores with 32 additional locations, including two in Brevard--specifically Melbourne and Cape Canaveral.

-They offer over 100 programs for bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees.

-The school has 6 other educational institutions under its belt, Professional and Career Education, Adrian Dominican School of Education, Nursing and Health Sciences, Dwayne O. Andrea School of Law, Podiatric Medicine, and The Ellen Whiteside McDonnell School of Social Work.

-They have a 46% acceptance rate.

#8. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Melbourne)

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is a private university that specializes in fully accredited aviation & aerospace education.

-Fully accredited specialty university

-They offer an assortment of associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs including Applied Science, Aviation, Business, Computers, Technology, Engineering, Space, Security, Intelligence, & Safety.

-There are online programs available.

-The curriculum is geared towards hands-on learning styles.

-The acceptance rate around 69%. 

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